Projects and Initiatives related to BioCASE

  • AVH The Australian Virtual Herbarium
  • BioCISE A Biological Collection Information Service for Europe, Aug. 1997 - Dec. 1999
  • BioGeomancer Worldwide collaboration of natural history and geospatial data experts
  • DNA Bank Network The DNA Bank Network
  • EDIT European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy
  • ENBI European Network for Biodiversity Information, Jan. 2003 - Dec. 2005
  • ENHSIN, European Natural History Spcecimen Information Network, Jan. 2000 - March 2003
  • GBIF The Global Biodiversity Information Facility
  • GeoCASe The Geological Collection Access Service
  • Bioversity International (formely IPGRI, International Plant Genetic Resources Institute)
  • Lifewatch Lifewatch
  • OpenUp!, Opening Up the Natural History Heritage for Europeana
  • Species2000 europa (EuroCat, Feb. 2003 - Jan.. 2006)
  • Species2000 Catalogue of Life Programme
  • SYNTHESYS Synthesis of Systematic Resources


  • ABCD, Task Group on Access to Biological Collection Data
  • NCD, Natural Collections Description TDWG subgroup
  • OGC, the Open Geospatial Consortium
  • TDWG, International Working Group on Taxonomic Databases
  • TDWG Biological Collection Links: Standards, Information Models, and Data Dictionaries for Biological Collections
  • W3C World Wide Web Consortium: XML Schema, XQuery, XSLT

Other projects

  • EuroBioBank European network of DNA, cell and tissue banks for rare diseases
  • BioFresh Global information platform for freshwater biodiversity.
  • Géant2, the next generation of the multi-gigabit pan-European research network
  • Ravns, Resources Available in Natural Sciences
  • Seek The Science Environment for Ecological Knowledge