The BioCASE Provider Software (BPS), an xml data binding middleware, is used as an abstraction layer in front of a database. After local configuration the database is accessible as a BioCASE service - as defined by the BioCASE protocol - and can be used to create distributed heterogenous information systems. The BPS is agnostic to the kind of data being exchanged and any conceptual schema, such as ABCD for the BioCASE network, can be used to set up distributed networks.

The provider software is a collection of tools to be installed on the data provider's webserver. The core part of the provider software is the PyWrapper software. It is an XML/CGI database interface written in object-oriented Python, which allows a standard access to a variety of database management systems and arbitrarily structured databases. This software therefore "wraps" the database into a standard XML format. Since version 2.0 the core PyWrapper libraries are bundled with this package. The configuration assistant includes since version 2.0 a so called Concept Retrieval Interface (CRI) to find appropiate concepts to map your data to.

The connection to the database is done by different database modules that use SQL templates. This way it is easy to build new DB modules for different DB vendors. Non SQL capable databases will not be supported. There are a variety of DBMSs already supported by the wrapper - for a list of supported databases see the documentation.


PyWrapper Wiki Take a look at the brand new PyWrapper Wiki and the links provided on this site to find the documentation of the Provider Software: Tutorials on installation, configuration, mapping, debugging, the version history and the FAQ.


provider_software_3.5.3.tar.gz (10M)

The latest stable version provided as a gzipped tarball archive for download. It is suitable for Windows, Linux, MacOS X, Solaris and probably all other Unixes. If you use Subversion, you download the latest stable version directly from the repository via anonymous access:

Find detailed tutorials for installation and configuration on the PyWrapper Wiki, also a list of new features and bugfixes in the version history.

The Provider Software requires Python 2.5+ to run. Even though it also runs on versions 2.6 and 2.7, the recommended Python version is 2.5. For later versions, the package required for connecting the BPS to the database used may be not available yet. You can go to the libs test page of the BGBM installation, find the package required for your DBMS and check out the availability for newer Python versions on the respective website.

For the additionally required database modules (depending upon your DBMS) see the example installation of the provider software library test: Additional Python modules.

Note for BiNHum/GGBN providers: If you want to use the ABCD2.1(GGBN) schema with BioCASe, you need to do download an additional file that is not part of the regular release. Please download the ABCD 2.1 schema definition for the BiNHum network or the ABCD-GGBN schema definition for the GGBN network and copy this file to the folder templates/cmf of your BioCASe installation.