SELECT * FROM registry.used_schemas ORDER BY num_datasources DESC

A list of registered services by their supported conceptual schemas in the network. This list is generated from the capabilities response of BioCASe providers and therefore DiGIR services are currently not included.

For each conceptual schema a list of services supporting at least 1 concept is given. Schemas are ordered by their frequency (number of services that supports them) while services are listed by the number of mapped concepts.

SELECT datasource_id, name, access_point, count(concept_fk) as num_concepts FROM registry.datasource join registry.datasourceconcept on datasource_fk=datasource_id join registry.concept on concept_fk=concept_id WHERE schema_fk = #schema_id# AND active_flag = true GROUP BY datasource_id, name, access_point ORDER BY num_concepts DESC, name


supported by #num_datasources# services